Where we began

We launched Discreture on Kickstarter in 2020 with this short video explaining why we exist.
Why Underwear?

Why Underwear?

After working in fashion for almost a decade, I have accepted that most trends end up in landfills, so true sustainability means shopping second hand... Which you can’t do with underwear.

Most big-name corporate brands are NOT incentivized to be sustainable or ethical. For them the bottom line is the bottom line, and your body, the environment & the well-being of their workers doesn’t matter. Conventional manufacturing skimps on regulations due to big brands pushing for discounts. It’s not cool, and sometimes it seems to me like no one is taking these issues seriously.

In order to keep Discreture premium quality but still affordable, my business model doesn’t adhere to the calendars and unrealistic expectations of the major retailers. There’s real opportunity for meaningful change and challenging the status quo.

Thanks for being a part of this important movement with me.

XX Molly